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Get Started FREE. Make Amazing Videos Online! Flixpress is an automated and easy to use online video maker, which creates professional-quality videos in minutes. Create video in minutes using software from FlixPress. Flixpress software makes it ultra convenient to create high-quality videos for business, youtube, etc. Produce your HD videos and 3D animations online with the use of automated video templates, music and stock video library. Start Free. Starts at $ 3.49/Mon on upgrade. See how easy it is.



Videos are one of the most preferred forms of content on the internet. However, it can be painstakingly challenging to create good videos. Flixpress helps users create amazing videos full of advanced effects with almost no effort. All it needs from the user is to take care of the title of the video, images, and sometimes the audio. Flixpress is one of the fastest and easiest to use video makers out there.

  • 100’s Multi-Layout Flexible Templates
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  • Audio Library
  • Stock Video Library
  • HD Download
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  • Video Previews
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FLIXPRESS A 3D & HD Video Maker and Animator