Owlcam: The 4G LTE Smart Dash Camera Dual HD Cameras, Hands-Free Voice Control



Owlcam: The 4G LTE Smart Dash Camera That Sends Video to Your Phone – Driving & Parked. Dual HD Cameras, Video Alerts, Live View, History, Crash Assist, Hands-Free Voice Control, 2-Way Talk (US Only).


REAL-TIME VIDEO PROTECTION: Security shouldn’t end at the sidewalk. Owlcam brings all of the features you know and love from the home to the car.



  • BREAK-INS : Don’t be fooled by dashcams with “Parked protection”. Owlcam is ON even when the car is off. Videos and images are sent to your phone in seconds for motion, impact, and broken glass. Live View your car in real-time from ANYWHERE to see and hear what’s happening. If your Owlcam is stolen just send us the video, a police report, and we’ll replace the camera for FREE.
  • CRASHES : Only Owlcam has these two features: 1) When a crash is detected a video clip is instantly sent to the driver’s phone. The video proof of before, during, and after the crash can be immediately shared with police on the scene and insurance companies. 2) 911 Assist’s live operator then calls through the Owlcam to see if the driver needs help and sends emergency services.
  • EASY 6-MINUTE INSTALL: No tools, damaging adhesives, hardwiring, or professionals required. We’ve also got 24/7 live chat & phone support, just in case. *Works with all vehicles made after 1996, except Tesla Model 3. Delivery trucks, buses, RVs, and anyone already using their OBD will need an adapter available on the Owlcam website.*
  • UPDATES (June) : Thank you for the feedback! We’re listening: updated Android app + new & improved suction cup + connect up to three Owlcams and up to five drivers + 911 Assist now included with 4G LTE service for no additional cost

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Owlcam: The 4G LTE Smart Dash Camera Dual HD Cameras, Hands-Free Voice Control