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Tasty Recipe Pluin enables you to format your Recipes on you Food or Cooking Websites/ Blogs for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), adds star ratings, creates print-friendly recipes, and more. This Plugin will help your recipe’s photo show up in the search results. This is a paid plugin but the functionality is absolutely worth the cost.


The ability to quickly and easily hide pin images that you do not want visible in your post.


  • Easy Import – Convert your recipes from EasyRecipe, Ziplist, Meal Planner Pro, WP Ultimate Recipe, WP Recipe Maker, Yumprint Recipe Card, Cookbook, or Yummly Rich Recipes
  • Convert one at a time – It’s always scary to quickly convert all of anything into something completely new. Tasty Recipes allows you to convert one recipe at a time to see exactly if you’re happy with the results
  • SEO Optimization – Tasty Recipes uses JSON-LD structured data to provide an in-depth view of your recipe to search engines, including both Pinterest and Google
  • Video Integration – Tasty Recipes recognizes video in your content and automatically includes it in the structured data. You also have the option to imbed a video in the recipe itself
  • Flexible Formatting styling – seriously, it has a ton of customization so that you can built the recipe exactly the way you want it. They have a variety of pre-made recipe cards to get started.
  • Star reviews
  • Ad-Ready Recipes – Allows for ads to be inserted right into the recipe
  • Complete Nutrition Info – Tasty Recipes includes fields for all the macro nutrients, from calories to fiber to saturated fat. If you’re a Nutrifox user, you can take advantage of our seamless integration.
  • Active Development – They really are always working to improve their plugins and they take customer feedback very seriously
  • Unlimited Support – I can vouch for their support, it really is unlimited. It’s far and beyond what you normally get from “support”. They are the best!


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WP Tasty Recipe Plugin for Food Bloggers

WP Tasty Recipe Plugin